Loan despite private credit and probationary period

In the free financial market, every consumer can apply for a loan despite private credit and probationary period and does not have to prove his creditworthiness. Unlike the house bank, the private credit does not count as a criterion and is not checked by the lender. Even with bad credit, as well as without fixed […]

How to read Loan and credit card agreements

The devil is always in the details, and nowhere is this more evident than when we look at the annoying fine print of credit card applications and loan agreements. The US government even made legislation against these evil little notes when they adopted the Law on Credit Law (TILA), where crediting entities disclose certain facts […]

Loan despite € 1,000 income

When you make a loan application, the bank first checks your credit rating. The private credit, the scoring procedure and the evaluation of economic performance play an important role. A loan is only granted if all criteria are met and the bank classifies the risk as relatively low. If you want to get a loan […]

To revoke an online loan properly

Anyone who has completed an online loan and would like to withdraw it between application and payment or immediately after the payment, must pay a lot of attention. There can be various reasons why an online loan should be revoked, for example because the credit needs no longer exist or the borrower has meanwhile found […]